Wednesday, February 1, 2012

October 2011 Activities

October was such a busy month that I broke it into two posts! This first post is for the activities where there was no trick or treating.

At the beginning of the month Ryleigh got to go to her friend's "tea party" birthday party.

That weekend Mike and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with dinner (sushi) and a movie (Real Steel).

Thanks to our insurance, Mike got a new road bike after both of our bikes fell off the car and onto the freeway in September!

On the 22nd Mike did a "sprint" triathlon. Ryleigh gave Mike a kiss for good luck!

This is her attempting to whistle.




Mike got 3rd place in his age group! Go Mike!

The next weekend I bit off more than I was ready to chew by signing up for a 5k obstacle course. The 5k went through a corn maze with different obstacles along the way. With Mike's encouragement I finished the run.

Later that night we brought Ryleigh back to the corn maze to play.

Jumping pillow.

Piglet races.

Rope crawl.

I think I can...I think I can...
She wouldn't/couldn't get the pedals all the way around by herself.



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