Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's day

This past weekend Mike planned a really nice mother's day weekend for us. On Saturday we went on a double date with our friends the Grays and we went to Star Trek. After the movie we walked around downtown and took pictures. We then went back to the Gray's for dinner and games.
On Sunday I woke up and Mike had 2 dozen roses for me! He then made me breakfast and we had a nice relaxing day.

A little bit of everything

Last week I took this video of Ryleigh making her way around the kitchen. She still is not walking on her own so she uses this play station to help her get around. When she is over by the glass table top she is playing hide-and-seek!

This is a mixture of some photos from the past couple of weeks. Two of them are Ryleigh eating in her high chair, making a mess. One of the pictures is Ryleigh standing at the front door talking to the grass. That's right, she was talking to the grass. There's a picture of her in her new orange sundress. And the last picture is just to show off a feature I found on our camera that allows you to add glimmer to your pictures :)

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