Monday, June 23, 2008


It has been a busy month for the Freeman family! Mike is taking a "survey of calculus" class this summer. (It's calculus for business majors.) I have been doing a little bit of baby-sitting for our friends. And Ryleigh continues to grow and get smarter each day. A week and a half ago on Saturday the fourteenth Ryleigh and Mike met soccer star Mia Hamm (top picture)!

This past month we celebrated Mike's first Father's Day!! The black and white picture above is a picture of our hands that I printed out Walgreens and using their photo machine I was able to add the words "Together Forever" right on the print. That was one of Mike's gifts and it now sits on his desk at work.

Ryleigh's newest accomplishments have been the occasional laugh and she rolled over once last week!!

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