Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Ryleigh turned 4 on January 9th!

I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate cakes.

Despite the funny face Ryleigh is making, she does like it when Mike does her hair.


Time to take advantage of the first real snow of the season.

snow angel

"snowgirl Ryleigh"

3 days later the snow is gone :(

Birds of Prey "free family field trip" day!

Nose job

Blast from the past :)

Ryleigh's cousin Brynn sent Ryleigh a "flat Stanley" to take around Boise. Ryleigh re-named the cutout to "cowgirl Ryleigh".
Our first stop was the capitol building.

Then we went over to Bronco stadium.

Our last stop was the Boise river.

December 2012

We got our Christmas tree from our friend Lindsie and went right to work decorating it.

Early one morning I went downstairs to find Ryleigh fast asleep at the bottom of the stairs.

We took Ryleigh to the Christmas party for NICU graduates and they had some dogs that were up for adoption there.

Ryleigh got to chat with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Ryleigh's "Minnie Mouse" dress that she got from her Aunt Shauna.

Ryleigh went to her friend Abbigail's Horseland themed birthday party and got to dress up as a cowgirl!

Sometimes it's fun to get dressed-up just to play.

Mike and I got to go to the famous Idaho Potato Bowl.

Boy, was it coooold!

We left at half-time to go to the church Christmas party.

The church gym was made up like a "market".

"Mary" and "Joseph" make their way to the stable.

My friend Kimberly gave us all new pajamas for Christmas.

Ryleigh's new baby :)

Rock on!

We went to visit my family in Utah for Christmas. Ryleigh went outside with her cousins to put out some food for Santa's reindeer.

Amy has a karaoke machine in her basement and Ryleigh was sure to take advantage of it.

Ryleigh loves to sing the song, "I love to see the temple" and so when we were in Utah we stopped by the Jordan River temple to take a quick picture.

Ryleigh got a new kitchen for Christmas from Amy and Bryan and Grandma and Grandpa Willison :)

November 2011

In November we went to Fallon, NV to spend Thanksgiving with Mike's family. Unfortunately, Mike's brother Jason ended up in the hospital early Thanksgiving morning with pneumonia and he had to stay there the whole time we were in Nevada :( We stopped by to visit and see how he was doing.

Everyone took turns playing on Mike's sister Melissa's iPad and on grandpa's iPad!

We went bowling and I think that everyone, including Ryleigh, scored higher than I did!

Even a princess needs to sleep :)

Ryleigh went to the dentist for the first time! Dr. Wold took it easy on her.

Join the cool crowd!!!