Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

The day after Christmas we went to Pocatello to celebrate Christmas with Mike's family. Ryleigh received some nice gifts from Grammy and Grandpa Freeman. She also got some early birthday gifts from Angie's family (mike's sister), Shawna's family (one of Mike's other sisters), and Grammy and Grandpa. She enjoyed playing with the ribbon from the gifts for a little while.
While we were in Pocatello we were able to attend the baptism of one of Angie and Ryan's daughters. During the baptism Ryleigh took a quick catnap.
One of the gifts Ryleigh received is this beautiful poncho and matching hat. It was made by a friend of Mike's mom. I love it!! I just wish Ryleigh would keep the hat on instead of trying to eat it :)
Ryleigh is only nine days away from her first birthday!! She has made so much progress in the past couple of weeks. She started to clap her own hands together in the past two days (usually she would slap our hand or face or the side of her bottle), she army crawls all over the place, she loves to stand up with a little bit of help, lately she has been holding onto the metal frame from our kitchen table and working her way around it, she's starting to get the hang of chewing her food, and she is a little chatter box! It has been a wonderful year and we wish you all a happy new year :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Good times!

The first picture is Ryleigh laying on a bed of nails at the science museum! (She wasn't a big fan of that.) The other picture is from the science museum also. The platform with the paper on it swings back and forth and the arm that holds the marker stays where it is and it makes a cool design.
The last group of pictures are from a trip to Rexburg, Idaho at the beginning of November. My older sister Amy had to train some employees at the Best Western there and she needed to bring the kids, so I went over to baby-sit. I was a little worried at first but the kids found ways to stay busy!
The first Rexburg picture is of us enjoying dinner at the local pizza place, Craigo's-I just had to have one of their pizza bombs.
The girls loved putting on the shower caps and pretending to be lunch ladies. In the picture Lexi is "calling" the second grade down over the loud speaker to eat!
The kids spent a lot of time in the indoor pool. It was a lot of fun. Ryleigh even went in the pool a couple of times.
The last picture is the Rexburg temple. It is so big and beautiful.

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