Friday, December 16, 2011

August 2011

That time of year again for the NICU graduate picnic. They had some pretty good grub there and we got to see Dr. Snyder again. I am so grateful that we have been able to stay in touch with him through these picnics and that he has been able to see the positive result of his hard work.

Lily (Aldrin) is that you??

I think Mike got a little bored at work...

Ryleigh has started to get the hang of using the mouse and playing games on the computer.

Bath time!

The last week in August Mike did the "10K Dirty Dash" and I helped/dragged Ryleigh through the "Piglet Plunge".


Just a little dirty...

Yep! Mike pushed that girl right off the slide!

That's more like it!

"Come on Ryleigh, this is going to be a lot of fun!"

No, she is not happy here and she did NOT like being dirty. This half smile is between the tears.

Next year we'll have to bring our own water so we don't have to wait in the long line to use the freezing mountain water.

Clean and warm again :)

July 2011

Mike got back into training mode and started to run on a regular basis. As a result he started to lose weight and wasn't having as many problems with his asthma!

We went to the hometown celebration in Star on the 9th and Ryleigh got a pair of angel wings that she re-purposed as bunny ears. The festivities also included a parade, a HUGE water fight that involved fire hoses, and a pie contest. (Mike made another peanut butter and chocolate pie for this contest and out of nearly 20 pies he got 3rd place!!)

I guess July was a rough month to be a pedestrian! Ryleigh had a hard time keeping up with her feet sometimes which resulted in some pretty good bumps and bruises. Poor kid :(

Every summer there is an event in Boise called the Twilight Criterium. It draws people from all over the world to participate in this race that shuts down some of the streets in downtown Boise to allow cyclists to compete for money and bragging rights.

June 2011

Once the weather warmed up a bit Mike took his bike out for a spin.

Mike also competed in a fun race where the contestants had to ride little kids bikes. Ryleigh was kind enough to lend Mike her bike. (A decision Mike and his derrière would come to regret!) Although Mike did not win the race, he won a bike sprocket belt buckle in the pie contest by submitting a peanut butter and chocolate pie that he made from scratch!

Still in the baking mood, Mike made some cookies. There was a triathlon cookie (swim, bike, run) and an "R" cookie for Ryleigh.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

May 2011

Mike gave Ryleigh a head full of braids.

Ryleigh had her own "double rainbow" experience.

On May 7th we celebrated National Comic Book day with the guys from Star Wars at the local comic book store!

Ryleigh was so excited to get in the bath she didn't want to bother with taking her shirt off :)

Towards the end of the month we went to a local hiking spot called Jump Creek.

Once again Ryleigh has proven that she can sleep almost anywhere! (Sometimes before Mike or I get up in the morning Ryleigh will wake up early and lay down right here)

April 2011

Ryleigh is a very good "mother" to her babies. She likes to tuck them into bed and read them stories.

Mike got creative again and made a Pi pie.

For months Mike had been growing out his facial hair for "cinco de mustache". Finally he couldn't stand it anymore and shaved most of it off! This style only last a few minutes and then he shaved it off too. (I was done with it after the first couple of weeks)

Mike spent some daddy-daughter time painting Ryleigh's nails. What a great dad!

The day before Easter we went to a party that a family in our ward put on. Ryleigh grabbed some Easter eggs and got a little goody bag. Later that day Mike got a nasty cut on his forehead. Then we decorated out own eggs for Easter.

Easter morning we took some pictures and went to church. When we got home Ryleigh went looking for some more eggs.

Can you spot the green egg?

Ryleigh got custom curtains for her room that I made for her!

Join the cool crowd!!!